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RCSK-1 series magnetic switch is used to control all kind of high voltage switch operating instruction’s switch closing and making, lock and unlocked, signal retun and second return.

The switch is made up of shell, actuator, mounting, contact areas and terminals.

RCSK-1 series switch is widely used in AC control circuit of 50Hz, with a voltage up to 380V and a rated current 8A or in DC control circuits with a voltage up to 220C and a rated current DC-5A.

Features*miniature snap action switch

  • Positive opening operation: Reliable interruption even after contact welding, in compliance with IEC 60947-5-1
  • Double break contacts: High electrical rating due to solid contact bridge and double break contacts
  • Precision switch: High switching accuracy and resistance to shock and vibration
  • Magnetic blowout: Optional blowout magnets to extinguish the arc at higher DC loads
  • Sealed to: IP40 in accordance with IEC 60529
  • Contact material: Silver

Applications*miniature snap action switch

  • Limit switches for machine, door and plant control systems
  • Switches for driver‘s cab of rail vehicles and control panels in cranes
  • Auxiliary switch for automation tasks
  • Safety limit switch in control panels and electrical installations

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