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A fast acting water and moisture displacer fluid that quickly cleans and dries out machines, electrical and electronic equipment.

It is rust preventive (ultra thin film) and protects the surfaces from rust and corrosion.

It allows quick starting of wet ignition systems and electric motors and equipment without disassembly or removal.

It eliminates moisture from the electrical systems of various machines.

Penetrates existing rust and forms a film to prevent further corrosion.

Cleans and lubricates the surfaces it is applied.

Familiar to CRC 2-26 WD40


  • Aviation equipment.
  • Wet ignition systems on cars, trucks, ships, etc.
  • Wet electric motors and starters in power plants, factories, shipboard, etc.
  • Cutting tools, hand tools, micrometers and measurement instruments.
  • Seagoing equipment and Outboard engines.
  • Pumps and valves.
  • Cleaning compound for bore of small arms and automatic aircraft weapons.

WATER DISPLAGER ENG (2-26_eng.pdf, 439 Kb) [Download]

WATER DISPLAGER GR (2-26__2_.pdf, 545 Kb) [Download]


It can be applied with spraying or brush. Do not wipe off the surface. As the product evaporates it leaves a protective soft film on the surface with the above advantages.


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